BVE Podcast Interview with Attorney Beverly Winstead from the Law Office of Beverly Winstead

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Brent Simpson 0:39
All right, so we’re starting the conversation with Attorney Beverly Winstead of the law office of everyone said, and Beverly is the IRS tax litigation attorney. That is very unique because you don’t see many people who are tax attorneys. Number one, you definitely don’t see very many African American females who are tax attorneys. So that’s just part of her story. So I actually have to look at a sheet of paper to tell you everything. So some of the honors that attorney Mr. has received,

Atty. Beverly Winstead 1:14
She actually can just jump right in.

Brent Simpson 1:16
No, no, I have to do this, but I can’t tell the accolades.

Atty. Beverly Winstead 1:20
No, let’s just jump right in.

Brent Simpson 1:22
I have to she always gets embarrassed when I do this. So it’s, um, you’re talking about top 40 attorneys in the nation from the National Bar Association in 2018, under age 40, our First Person of Color to serve as chair for the Maryland State Bar Association’s Tax Division in 2018, as well, first person of color in history. Then you’re talking about the American Bar Association, National Tax steering committee member in 2017. Basketball Hall of Fame, inducted in 2014. I boosted university, one three, set CIA, CIA, Women’s Basketball Championships from 1997 1998. And nice 99. If yo u didn’t know she’s still hoping I say then you’re talking about she’s been featured in media CNBC, on wealthy chat radio, small business CEO, radio, Washington Post, um, she has speaking engagements with the National Bar Association, again at COP spoken at conferences, defending your clients against the IRS conference. The seven fundamentals fundamentals of employment tax compliance in 2014, she is highly decorated is like it’s the list is I’m actually stopping short. So you know, for those people that don’t know You don’t know your athletes? Or is there anything that I missed that you would like, you know, what they should know about this piece?

Atty. Beverly Winstead 2:53
No, there’s nothing about my accolades. The only thing I want people to know is that at my firm, we fight hard to make sure we get good results for clients.

Brent Simpson 3:03
And you know, what, that let’s do a level set, what does your firm do?

Atty. Beverly Winstead 3:08
We do a couple of things, the majority of what we do is help resolve tax issues for individuals and businesses. I think that’s about 70% of what we do the other 30% of what we do, really has to do with tax planning and estate planning. So helping people really figure out strategies so that they don’t give all their money over to IRS if they don’t have to, you know, and, you know, when we talk about the Pillars of Wealth, one of those being entrepreneurship, right, the other part of investing in stock, which we talk about a lot, insurance, and then also estate planning, because once you want to make sure you protect, you know, your wealth as part of accumulated.

Brent Simpson 3:56
Yeah, and you know, protection of wealth is hugely important, because we have so many people who don’t take it seriously. They think they don’t have enough money for tonight or, or even from a tax situation. If I just hide it long enough, it’ll go away. And that’s just not it. And you know, for those of you all who think especially we’re getting into cryptocurrency space, tax isn’t really a big

Atty. Beverly Winstead 4:20
issue. It’s huge, a huge issue. Everything you do,

Brent Simpson 4:24
and as we see regulatory effects are coming in new regulatory rulings, and guiding what’s going to happen with taxation of cryptocurrency is happening all the time. And so for those of you who are in that marketplace, in particular, I’m saying right now, because it’s still so new, and a lot of us don’t know where to go. So, Ben, one of the questions that I had somebody asked, What made you choose tax law?

Atty. Beverly Winstead 4:51
So I think for me, I actually liked I had a mentor who recommended that I do tax law because he said We need more representation persons of color in that field. And really trusted mentor, his name was Mr. Thomas, he actually came from IRS, Criminal Investigation Division. And just felt like in order for us to level the playing field, so to speak, you know, we need it. Black attorneys, Asian attorneys, white attorneys, just to make sure that, you know, all people have representation.

Brent Simpson 5:29
Yep. And so you could have taken that information, or you could have taken that advice, and joined the firm. Why become entrepreneur? Why go the entrepreneurial route? Oh,

Atty. Beverly Winstead 5:39
for me, entrepreneurship was about freedom. In the very beginning, it was about freedom. And now it’s funny, because I’ve actually, you know, gone back and kind of re thought about, you know, the path to freedom as opposed to, you know, working most of us, like, we’re entrepreneurs, you know, most people work harder than they ever did in their life, you know, even as employees. So, you know, entrepreneurship is fun, it allows you to be creative. We often talk about how entrepreneurship, we are artists, business artists, you know, writing our own canvases. So that’s why I really like entrepreneurs. You

Brent Simpson 6:22
know, I have that conversation with people all the time, when entrepreneurs, they get frustrated, because the pressure society puts on them that they have to be like this always organized, very neat. I’m very systematic people. And that’s just not the case. Sometimes we just were literally scatterbrained, and we have a million thoughts going on at any one point in time. And we’re trying to figure out the best ways to express ourselves. And just it’s not been expressed on the canvas is being expressed in business. So, you know, in the entrepreneurial world, right, so now you’re entrepreneur, you’re an attorney? What was the moment? Or what was the thing that made you think, like, Hmm, this is either exactly what I thought it was gonna be, or this isn’t quite what I anticipated.

Atty. Beverly Winstead 7:05
The moment I mean, I’m constantly having these moments. These moments don’t go away. Right? So you’re constantly facing some new challenge, right? You’re constantly trying to figure out what piece of the puzzle you need to put in place. And in what order to give you that final masterpiece that you you’re working on. So it’s it’s daily, daily, daily thoughts about it?

Brent Simpson 7:35
Yeah. And, you know, the daily thoughts are, people start off thinking I’m be the solopreneur, right? I’m gonna grow this huge business. When you came into the world of entrepreneurship. Did you know the path you wanted to take? Was it solopreneur? Or did you want to build a firm?

Atty. Beverly Winstead 7:49
Have No, I definitely wanted to build a firm and I still want to build a firm, so

Brent Simpson 7:54
Well, I mean, you have you want to build a bigger firm? Yeah. Yeah, cuz, and so for those entrepreneurs, especially attorneys who are thinking about starting to practice, what was a mistake that you made that you would tell them? Like, definitely don’t do this?

Atty. Beverly Winstead 8:09
Um, for me, it wasn’t it was me not building systems early on. And when I talk about system, it’s like, the reason why McDonald’s is so great. It’s not because they have the best hamburger, is because for two things, as I see it, they built good systems in terms of having the burger, the patty, the bun, the even how they they’re operating an assembly line, right. Yeah, it’s an assembly line, right. And then so that was one thing, they built great systems, right. And then the second thing is they had a clear message in terms of branding. Basically, you go to McDonald’s, you know, you don’t get fast food, and you don’t get it right away. You know, Bill already built, you know, they got the 12345 packages, number one, two cheeseburgers and fries and a drink. I remember they used to be 299 Now, it is because I ain’t been I haven’t eaten McDonald’s, one of those meals and yeah, 20 years.

Brent Simpson 9:12
You know, I stay away from

Atty. Beverly Winstead 9:14
it now to probably now about what 599

Brent Simpson 9:17
Yeah, who knows? And I hope I don’t even know. But it’s true that system systems wet. And, you know, going into, you know, this world of law. How do you stay current as a business owner? And I’ve neglected to mention, you’re also a professor at University of Maryland. How do you stay current with all the information is required, especially this, you know, in the world we are in right now? It seems like everything’s changing by the day.

Atty. Beverly Winstead 9:43
Oh, it is it is. So the one thing you know you want is you want to have a good team around you. Because you can’t do it all by yourself. So you’re relying on team members also, to give you the information that you need, like for instance, when the cares that came out last year Dealing with PPP and idle. And, you know, the Consolidated Appropriations that came out in February, I mean in December. So you have all these new major pieces of legislation. So you can’t really study everything. So you’re really going to be relying on also some of your team members, whether that’s within your firm or your strategic alliance partners, to help you navigate through the complexities of the laws.

Brent Simpson 10:31
Now, I’m believing teams and their bold vision, we absolutely believe teams are important. But it’s not always teams that you hire. Sometimes it’s just teams, the people that you have this around you on any given day. And you know, full disclosure, Beverly is in my team, right? And I’m in hers. You know, she’s one of the entrepreneurs I choose to spend the most time around. And not because she’s a tax attorney, she has great information, which she does, but because she’s a good person, and when are you know, when I’m, after I spent time with Beverly, I feel better about like life, and I feel better about my business, I have a different mental clarity. And she’s not gonna let allow me to be negative. So how important is it for you not to have negative people in your ecosystem.

Atty. Beverly Winstead 11:17
And super important, and it’s funny, because we were having this conversation this morning, right? tone. I had tagged you in this video, Instagram, who the guy was sharing, you know, his friend on, you know, just just about grilling, you know, grilling some food, you know, and I said, that’s how I need to be cheering my team on and that’s how I want my team to cheer me on. And I don’t know, there’s another video I saw maybe like last week of this kid. And did you see that video where

Brent Simpson 11:48
No but I’m laughing at the video you use? For anybody who’s trying to find Beverly on Instagram? What is your handle on Instagram?

Atty. Beverly Winstead 11:58
Oh, it’s um, at IRS help attorney? Yeah.

Brent Simpson 12:04
What is your IG?

Atty. Beverly Winstead 12:07
At IRS help attorney,

Brent Simpson 12:09
please check her out, she puts out some hilarious content, her her act, her real cards kit is very informative. But when it sounds to be have fun, you know, there is a fun side to who we are. It’s not just business all day. So it was a little kid,

Atty. Beverly Winstead 12:24
this little kid, he had to be able to probably say in kindergarten and a teacher was saying, um, Jimmy, I forgot the little boy’s name. But let’s just say it was Jimmy. It said Jimmy, find the letter A. And it was about six different letters that were on the table. And he had four friends sitting at the table with him. And so he picked up the letter A and his his, his his friend said yeah, that’s my boy. No, she said, Okay, pick up the letter you so he reaches down and he picks up the letter you and his friends. Yeah, you got it. And I said, we all need friends. We all need friends like that, right? I’m just gonna, like be motivating, you know, because, you know, whether you just a W two workers. I mean, a lot of times, you know, you get beat up in life, right? And so, um, you want people around you that’s going to build you. And even. And this is something I had to work out work on myself, even when you don’t have people around you that it’s going to build you, you have to build yourself, right, you have to have those affirmations, you have to have those days and hours. And moments when you write in your gratitude journal. You know, you know, a lot of my story when I know had a lot of devastating events happened to me, particularly in 2011, when, you know, I was just kind of starting out as an entrepreneur. And at that time, I had some major things happened to my life where I miss school, you know, my brother passed away who, you know, was definitely very close to my grandmother, my business partner and mentor. And I really struggled for like that year and a half, you know, after that, and one of the things that helped me be I began to write in a gratitude journal, right, and I began to see what and think about, you know, what I was grateful for. And when you do those things, that changes the chemistry. And I do believe in the law of attraction and, you know, the God will begin to bring people in your ecosystem that also is like minded, and will help you to grow and be prosperous.

Brent Simpson 14:47
So when you were going through that period where you were, you know, it was a hard time as you put it. How did you get to a place where you say, Okay, now it’s time for me to shift my mind or to start healing from inside

Atty. Beverly Winstead 15:00
You know, like I said, it was a daily, it was a daily struggle. And then I just I said, Look, Beverly, the more you believe something, and the more it’s like basketball, you know, I play basketball, the more you practice something, eventually, when it’s game time, you’ll be able to do it, hopefully, if you practice it correctly. So it’s those affirmations everyday, like a bear beautiful, you can do this, like, killing it, you know, even when I wasn’t killing it. But I did it daily. And I began to believe it. And I began to believe that I was the best. And I began to be grateful. Right? And, um, you know, it just begin to manifest. Yeah, manifest. That’s it, that’s the word you manifest.

Brent Simpson 15:46
Yeah, it’s like, um, it’s like a mental muscle memory, is when you train yourself mentally to just have that response, that immediate responses and negativity happens, you reply to that negative event with positivity, if you train yourself always to look at the positive and then move in that direction. And I agree with you that law of attraction is very real, you start to attract those type of people around you. And even in entrepreneurship, like when you’re an entrepreneur, somehow, someway, you tend to attract other entrepreneurs around you be it an event, um, you know, a conference, you just end up in those circles. And I think it’s because you have shared information. Now you have common knowledge, and your your interests are very much in alignment. And so you just when you’re having those conversations, people will find you.

Atty. Beverly Winstead 16:35
And it was funny, because I was thinking back to when I was in law school, and you know, law school, if you I tell people, if they ever want to be hazed, go to law school, you don’t need to do on a fraternity or sorority, just go to law school, and I’m sure medical school, same way. But I remember, I was walking, I want to say it had to be about six blocks. And I had like, all my book that like my, this heavy book bag had like four or five books in it. And I was like, Oh my God, it was like 100 degrees outside too. And I was walking from the law school, back to my car. Because I was, um, you know, just getting ready to go home. Now remember crossing the street, it was Martin Luther King Boulevard. And there was this homeless person on the side of the road, and it was just got it rode past that was at the light in a in a in a hoopty car, right? And the guy in the car yelled out, I see you baby, you’re gonna be somebody one day, you just keep on keepin on. And the person was like, Yep, she gonna be somebody. And it was so funny to me. Only bring that story because even when I was like, kind of like, it was a hard day. And I was like, why am I doing this? I mean, when you are positive, people will, you know, encourage you want to be in your ecosystem and around you.

Brent Simpson 18:03
So do you feel like you’ve reached that tipping point where you’re positive, you’re gonna be successful? Or do you still feel like you have those doubtful days?

Atty. Beverly Winstead 18:11
Oh, no, no, no, no, I’m positive. There’s no question. There’s no question.

Brent Simpson 18:16
And you know, for all entrepreneurs listening, you know, there is that moment and is yours. It’s not even like a small period of time, where you’re always rediscovering yourself. And you know, that rediscovery, period is perpetual. And I believe that when we, when we go into our business, and whatever it may be, we feel like it’s gonna be a certain period of time. Like, oh, after three months, I know exactly what I want to do. After two months, I know exactly what I want to do. No, sometimes after four years, sometimes it’s after five years, sometimes after two, sometimes after three months, it is different for everybody. But you know, persistence is going to overcome resistance in most situations. So how long are you willing to be persistent? How long? It takes time. And you know, that if you can give us a technology or a hack in business, there’s really helped you level the playing field. Because before we get employed, sometimes technology is our is our offset. Right? You know, we use technology to take the place of what would be a worker. So if you had like, one particular technology that you can never be without, what would it be?

Atty. Beverly Winstead 19:28
For me, a case management system is super important for lawyers. You know, it allows you to this is one a system that I didn’t have in place early on, you know, I was doing everything on a server, and which I still have a server, you know, but I didn’t understand the value in having a case up online kind of case management system, which allows you to have like your whole team. Files in case in a centralized location, and everybody can access them.

Brent Simpson 20:03
All right? And from a literature standpoint, are there any books that you read that you were like, You know what, everybody should read this book?

Atty. Beverly Winstead 20:10
Everybody should read two books, two books, okay. Um, How to Win Friends and Influence People? Okay. Um, I’ve tried to, I’ve tried to read that actually once a year, you know. And then the second one is dig your well, before you’re thirsty. I think dig your well, before you’re thirsty is even actually more important than how to win friends and influence people.

Brent Simpson 20:35
Why would that be more important?

Atty. Beverly Winstead 20:38
Dig your well, before you’re thirsty. And dig your well, before you’re thirsty, really is all about laying foundations before you need someone. You know. And that’s why I think it’s super important, you know, you don’t want to, you know, have a need for something, and then cold call to a certain extent, but your back is really up against the wall. So a lot of my success, you know, has come through, you know, being actively involved in organizations, networking, doing things for others, you know, and really, it’s all about digging your well before you’re thirsty.

Brent Simpson 21:21
And you know, you go back to the doing things for others, some people don’t know about your 501 C three. So you want to you want to tell them what your nonprofit?

Atty. Beverly Winstead 21:29
Sure, as I mentioned before, in 2011, my brother passed away I talk about this publicly a lot, you know, because our philosophy is we turn tragedy into triumph. Right. And so it was unexpected passing. And, you know, one of the things that we do is we give scholarships to high school kids in his memory, because my brother was a very giving and loving person, and the same spirit that he has, we took this organization, and we have that same spirit of giving, and helping and helping kids go to college, because, you know, he, he loved that kind of stuff. And if

Brent Simpson 22:13
somebody wanted to give to this nonprofit, how can they get through it,

Atty. Beverly Winstead 22:18
you can go to www dot Eddie Winstead, I’ll put that in the chat. And then there’s also we had a fundraiser cooking for, that also you can donate there.

Brent Simpson 22:32
Yeah. And that was great. My daughter, daughters, and I participate in it. And it was a lot of fun, it was dancing. It was people just sharing information, good vibes passed on. And the money went to a charity and for anybody listening, um, this foundation is the one you see, we’ve seen it on TV, they, they walk into the classroom with a really big check. And it is does something not only to receive the funds, but to have an award like that show up to these kids walk down. It’s the only time someone who has ever shown up at their schools to give them something that though it changes the person on the inside. So you know, if you are able to give to it, I will absolutely we will continue to be a sponsor bowl vision is a sponsor. And yeah, if I didn’t have a vision, I still want to figure it out.

Atty. Beverly Winstead 23:25
Yeah. And we really, really, really appreciate both visions, continued sponsorships over the years as well as investing education academies. Right, super, super, super supportive of our efforts so that we’re grateful.

Brent Simpson 23:45
No, it’s, um, we’re, we’re blessed to be able to give and you know, as time goes on, our checks get bigger, right. And that’s the goal is bigger. So, you know, as you move through time and space, any amount helps, but then also to, I want to jump back into the firm aspect, the entrepreneurial world, and entrepreneurs that come to you who have a business and they’re starting out, and they’re thinking like, Okay, I just want to form a corporation. I’m gonna, I’m gonna go for LLC. Is that the right move? And what’s it some entrepreneurs think about from a tax standpoint, when they’re building out their business?

Atty. Beverly Winstead 24:20
So, you know, I’m a huge fan of this is why I tell people, right? I’m a huge advocate for people at least having a one hour consultation right before they dive in with LLC, or S corp or C Corp, because it’s a lot harder to resolve a problem or more expensive to resolve a problem than to get advice on the front end. That’s my general disclaimer right now. Everything I’m giving you is not really legal advice. It’s just general information. I like the LLC things. I’m a huge fan of LLCs when it makes sense. So sometimes, you know, it makes sense also to be LLC that’s taxed as an S corp, or taxed as a C Corp. Or, in some instances, it may not even make sense to do an LLC, right? Particularly if you’re just getting off the ground, you’re trying to figure out if this is something you really want to do as a business, right. And really why I say it may or may not make sense because even when you structure, the LLC, or file the paperwork, you have annual fees that you pay in most states, not all states, but most states will charge you 300 bucks, 200 bucks, something like that, to keep your LLC active.

Brent Simpson 25:38
Yeah, and you know, just a personal story. Um, everybody full disclosure attorney will say is my tax advisor and I went business crazy. I went LLC, crazy. One year, it was COVID. Like, most of us in COVID, we were like, you know, what else can we do? We start exploring our possibilities. And we have more time on our hands. And we normally had different people chose to do different things. But that time, for me personally, I just decided to figure out what are the businesses could I start, and so I formed LLC of the LLC after LLC, because it was easy to do, I figured I would launch a business at some point. And I made a cardinal mistake, which I normally don’t make. I didn’t call Beverly first. And, you know, I thought, you know, having a banking finance degree, you know, background in finance, and being in business. So, I thought I knew what I was doing, I did the wrong thing. And if I would have just had a conversation with Valerie to say, look, this what I’m thinking about, I could have avoided an hundreds of dollars in costs that really I don’t need right now. Like, the businesses aren’t even serving the real purpose. So we’re going to save regardless of how savvy you think you are, or if you are, the person is going to go to Staples or wherever and get this, you know, LLC in the pack. And just, you know, think that everything’s great. All your paperwork is correct. Please don’t do it. You know, spend the money, talk to a professional, it will save you a lot of heartache, and also time in the future. And so, you know, Beverly with with us about the checkoff check out, what is something that entrepreneurs should look out for? In business as relates to I guess, tax or law, whichever one you want, whichever direction you want to go with?

Atty. Beverly Winstead 27:30
Something that, um, well, I mean, I’ll say this, it depends on where you are, what stage you are. In business, if you’re just starting out, one of the most important things you can do is to be organized, you know, I sent you this picture of me when my niece was here, right, I’m organizing all my bank statements. You know, that way, if I ever got audited down the road, you know, I would already have my bank statements in place. So you want to make sure you’re organized, you want to make sure that you have a team around you, we talk about having a team, also, and you know, you want to have your business advisor, your banker, your accountant, your attorney, your insurance person. And your spiritual advisor, you know, all these people are super important in terms of helping you grow. So even if you can’t necessarily afford to have them on retainer, you want to at least have access to them. Right? And so it may be a situation where you reach out to them, and just say, Hey, I’ve may not be able to afford you right now. But just know, I’m working on growing my business. And here’s what, and I believe you could be an integral part of my team once I’m able to afford it.

Atty. Beverly Winstead 28:56
That’s key. And it’s funny when I was younger, a lot younger, I was trying to figure out what wasn’t life, and I was tipping. So I was tipping to a staffing agency. And one day I was writing down some notes in the person who hired me. They were like, What are you writing? Like, why why I wrote down the front office manager’s name and telephone number. And my temporary boss saw it and she was like, why are you writing down her name and telephone number. And this clearly, is the woman was like, far older than me. So it wasn’t any other reason for me to write down the name and number. She said, why are you writing? I said, Well, eventually I’m gonna start my own company. And she’s really amazing. So I’m gonna see if I can hire and she was like, you’re tipping right now. Like, you’re just you’re working for a staffing agency. Like that’s, that seems far enough off where you shouldn’t worry about it. And I was like, no, actually, I’m worried about it like right now. Because when I get there, I don’t want to be scrambling to try to find people. And you know, go back to dig your well before you need it. Right. Um, All these things are important. And you know, I’m thankful for you turning us to that. You’ve allowed me to be on your team.

Atty. Beverly Winstead  10:52 

And you know, it’s funny talking about digging your well before you’re thirsty, like you and I, we go way back to buoy. And I feel it was like, then they you dug your well, before you’re thirsty. Because, um, Brent is probably one of the people that, oh, that when I first came, I moved up here from North Carolina, right. And North Carolina. Friendliness is different from Maryland friendliness. You know, I was always Hey, how you been waving at people, you know, like, Are you waving and smiling at me every time you see me? You know, I was like, No, I mean, that’s just kind of how we doing in North Carolina in the country, you know, but you know, you were super friendly. And sometimes when I look back on it, you know, used to come to campus and pick me up. And just to hang out, you know, and now I’m like, Why did I go with this guy who was a stranger that, you know, didn’t even know. It was in that time when we actually I think was definitely, you know, laying the foundation and digging our wells. Right? Yeah, fast forward. 20 years later, we come back into each other’s ecosystem. All right. Um, and we’ve been working, helping each other grow. Yeah, because you’ve been such a huge, huge, I would say, factor in my growth, and my sustainability. And I’m looking forward to continuing to work with you because I know there’s higher places that I need to go in the firm needs to go so I’m super super, super excited. I woke up this morning, super excited about the MC.

Brent Simpson  12:34 

That’s real. And you know, when you can share those things in that whole foundational piece, people it is very true business is circular. And at some point, the people that you either mystery, or you treat amazing will circulate back into your your ecosystem. Yeah, they’re gonna circle back pleasantly, or like a tornado. And, you know, in business, it takes one person strategically placed to ruin your reputation, or at least to damage you with a particular segment of the market that you need. And I’m not saying you shouldn’t be nice, just because you’re hoping one day to come back into business, you should just be a nice person. Um, but nice doesn’t mean pushover. But at the same time, you should regulate when you mistreat people, and don’t mistreat people when one is not right. But aside from that, they will come back people will certainly back even when you think there’s no way in the world, that person, quote unquote, below me, or so or so far above me, that is inconsequential. That’s not accurate. And you really have to watch the steps and imprint you’re making the same because sometimes you got to follow him back. So you know, with that being said, if someone is looking to get in contact with you, and they need your firm to represent them, how can they get in contact with?

Atty. Beverly Winstead  13:56 

Oh, sure. I’m going to put my website in the chat is WWW dot IRS help attorneys with an www dot IRS help attorneys calm, go there. Look at some of the services that we offer. See if it’s something that you’re interested in working with us on we love to be able to serve you. And also let me put my phone number 301-306-1234. Again, 301306123 for everyone to have an amazing

Brent Simpson  14:32 

Oh, wait, wait, wait, wait. One question. This is a bonus question to ask before people go with. If you had to do it over again. You were consulting your new entrepreneur self and you are sitting there being exactly where you are right now. What advice would you give to the new entrepreneur who just graduated from law school and is thinking about becoming a tax attorney and starting her own practice?

Atty. Beverly Winstead  15:00 

Ah, dude, what advice? Wow. Um get the help and the support people around you? Um, well, no, let me scratch, I would say, stay true to your vision. You know, you have a vision, you started this for a particular reason. Um, there are going to be some bumps and bruises along the way, they’re going to be some challenges, but figure out who you need and what you need to get you to your destination, right? I mean, we have a luxury of let’s say, if I want to go to Jamaica with everybody, no, I love to make it right. I can go online and research, how to get there, figure out the cost. And then we have so many tools available to us. So it’s just like business. You know, the only thing about business is that there’s I feel like there’s so much information out there and waiting through what actually is gonna work for you. But Be true to yourself, and don’t give up.

Brent Simpson  16:19 

Alright, and with that being said, we thank you attorney every Wednesday for being with us. And if you are looking for a tournament set, you can go to www dot IRS help attorneys calm and find her. If look, continue to stay with this, there will be more bold conversation with Bo entrepreneurs in the future. And for now. Continue to stay low, stay true to your mission and have an incredible year.

Outro 16:50 

I hope you got as much out of today’s episode as I did. You will find the social media links for today’s guests and the show notes on both vision There are also resources on the site to help you accelerate your success. Please be sure to share this episode with friends and subscribe to our podcasts are growing fast. Our goal over the next 12 months is to reach 5000 entrepreneurs. To do that we need your help. So again, share subscribe and comment. Remember, be bold and always have a vision for your best tomorrow.

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