BVP Podcast #2 How Bold Vision Enterprise came to be 1 of 3

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He found his bold vision podcast where we only talk to entrepreneurs with a bold vision of their business’s future. While listening to today’s episode, we want you to think about yourself as it relates to our guests, and their entrepreneurial journey is always something to learn. So if you’re interested in growing your business, getting a few golden nuggets, or simply learning more about entrepreneurship, this is the podcast for you. Show Notes of today’s episode will be available on bold vision

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All right, everybody. This is Brent Simpson, the owner of bold vision enterprise, you may have been wondering, what’s my story? You know, why did this guy think he could start a podcast? Why should anybody listen to him? So the basics is, I started kind of, I would say, by accident, I was a financial advisor for over 20 years, series seven, series 6365 life and health license. I even did advance financial planning on certificate course at Georgetown University. But, you know, during that time period, I was ready to sit for the CFP, Certified Financial Planner exam. And I started realizing I wasn’t in alignment with the world of finance anymore. But I went to school for my two boys State University, graduated with a degree in banking and finance. And it just seemed like the natural course of progression for me. And I was wanting to be stopped, always want to be a stockbroker, I didn’t want to be six. That’s the sell mutual funds I wanted the series seven allows you to stop, sell actual stocks and be a broker. And so when I accomplished it, I felt like that’s what I just had to do. And during that time period, I was figuring out all these new ways to reinvent myself as a financial advisor, because anybody who’s been in the world of financial consulting, you eat what you kill. And it’s one of those situations that you always are trying to find ways to create new opportunities for yourself, find new clients, you know, you’re looking at the client ladder a little bit differently, you know, you’re doing a lot of below line activities. And as a business advisor I’ve learned below the line activities do not work. So you know, now walk in the walk in the year 2017. And I was serving as the quote unquote, financial expert for a law firm. The law firm of Cheryl Chapman Henderson is out of College Park, Maryland. And attorney Henderson played a pivotal part of me becoming a business advisor, which led to the creation of Bo vision enterprise. Let me say what happened. So I sat in, like I said, as the financial expert for some of her workshops, she’s been doing workshops on the first and third Tuesday’s of the month, ever since I can remember since I met her in 2017.

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These workshops continue to be packed. I mean, from an estate planning standpoint, Attorney Henderson, if you are looking for a state planning attorney, please look up attorney Shirl Chapman Henderson. And it’s amazing. I mean, it’s just absolutely amazing the work that she does, I couldn’t understand she always had these workshops packed. But I was really happy to have that position as the financial consultant in the room, because I thought it was this great pipeline of business. And is any entrepreneur listening to this knows, you know, you can have a pipeline, but if you don’t have the infrastructure, ready to receive that pipeline of clients, it can hurt you as much as not having clients at all. And so for my journey, you know, one day she, we finished a meeting, she finished a workshop, I’m packing up and she said, Brent, you know, what are you doing on Saturday? So you know, thinking my schedule can be open for you, because you’ve been creating this pipeline of class for me. So what do you need? Let’s just I want you to come speak to my mastermind group. I was familiar with mastermind groups. At the time, I didn’t know exactly what they were, how they work, but I knew it was it was a good thing to be a part of this where people exchange ideas, and look for best practices or ways to improve.

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So I’m thinking okay, well, you must want me to talk about finance, you know, do you want me to talk about life insurance? Do you want me to talk about stretch our raise? Are we talking about, you know, what are we talking about as it relates to finance? And she was like, oh, no, I don’t want to talk about finance. I want you to talk about business development. And at this point, our relationship was mainly in the space of finance. She was a state planning attorney. I dealt with finance. So when she said to talk to her group about business development, I’m thinking I don’t want to talk to a roomful of attorneys about something I don’t know a whole lot about. And, you know, it seemed odd that she would ask me and she said, Have you ever heard yourself talk? You’re always always helping people have a better, stronger, faster, more efficient business, even when it’s just casual conversation. And I didn’t have the confidence in myself as many entrepreneurs listening to this, no, sometimes we don’t have that confidence to say you’re right. Sometimes the opposite, we have imposter syndrome. And we think we need to hide as quick as possible. So nobody can find out that we’re an imposter. And so, the one thing that stood out was that her belief in me was greater than my belief in myself at the time.

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So I agreed that I said, I’ll do it. You know, and I’ve always been a fan that when you’re scared, that’s when growth happens, right. And so, I moved to trepidation to decide and showed up for this meeting. And out of the roughly seven attorneys that were there are five, between five and seven, but they’re almost all but one said they would, they had interest in working with me. Now, I didn’t move forward with working with all of them, but they expressed the interest that led me to believe I was going to something right. And so it was soon after that, I realized that I enjoy consulting the companies, more than I enjoy, send them to financial infrastructure for them. And, you know, the part that I missed is I was also a corporate registered investment advisor at the time, which gave me qualifications to meet with corporations to help with buy, buy, sell agreements, cross purchase plans, and on the on the funding side. But in doing that, you oftentimes had to analyze is the business strong enough is the revenue strong enough to support this Buy, Sell agreement, many things that were necessary. And so I decided that I was gonna, I was gonna go full in and going full in, it was one of the best decisions I ever made. I learned so much about me in the entrepreneurial journey during that process of actually getting into something that I love, that I was eternally thankful to Attorney Anderson, for, you know, opening my eyes to what was possible. So for all you entrepreneurs out there, who are, you know, on the fence about, you know, am I going to go after my passion? Am I going to, you know, stay in my comfort zone, am I gonna stay in this nine to five, you know, because a lot of non farmers who, their their businesses their side, hustle, if you will, and you’re scared to make that jump into the marketplace, please don’t be scared make the jump is, is hugely important. And not only is a hugely important, but it takes us into a place where now our passion, our skill set can be aligned, and that creates for an amazing business.

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So in the next episode, I’m actually going to tell you the story of bold vision, some of the successes, some of the failures, but all the things I’ve learned along the journey. So hopefully, you will check out the next episode. And you’ll come back time and time again to bold vision podcasts to see what’s next. Thank you for listening.

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I hope you got as much out of today’s episode as I did. You will find the social media links for today’s guests and the show notes on Bo vision There are also resources on the site to help you accelerate your success. Please be sure to share this episode with friends, and subscribe to our podcast. We’re growing fast. Our goal over the next 12 months is to reach 5000 entrepreneurs. To do that we need your help. So again, share subscribe and comment. Remember, be bold and always have a vision for your best tomorrow.

BVP Podcast #2 How Bold Vision Enterprise came to be 1 of 3
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