BVP Podcast #4 How Bold Vision Enterprise came to be 3 of 3

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He found his bold vision podcast where we only talk to entrepreneurs with a bold vision of their business’s future. While listening to today’s episode, we want you to think about yourself as it relates to our guests, and their entrepreneurial journey is always something to learn. So if you’re interested in growing your business, getting a few golden nuggets, or simply learning more about entrepreneurship, this is the podcast for you. Show Notes of today’s episode will be available on bold vision

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All right, so we’re at part three of three, the origin story of bow vision enterprise. And now I’m talking about that moment where full vision and Brett Simpson the owner, turn the corner. You we all as entrepreneurs have that moment where we, it’s similar to that aha moment that you have when you’re thinking about your products or your services, or, you know, just who you are in business. My aha moment, you know, where I turn that corner, was pretty much when I put on my first summit, is the BV summit, I do the summit with Dr. Denise Miller. And you know, Dr. Miller was actually a client for a while, and she will have meetings, she always say, You know what, you should do your own Summit, you should have a summit, you should be doing a conference, you know, you really should give us some strong celebration. I mean, it was yours. She constantly said this to me in in one time, we had a conversation at her kitchen table. And she said, You know what, Brett, I’ll pay for the whole thing. If you can show up and get the rest. I’m taking care of, then, you know, on the ride home, I initially I said, well give me give me some consideration. And then that ride home, I thought like, why would somebody believe in my business more than me?

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And many of us have those individuals that always tell us, you know, we’re, we’re awesome are great, you know, we really are helpful, we have a amazing spirit of, you know, just they tell us amazing things. But we brush it off, because oftentimes the things we do as naturally, as we breed, we don’t see value in and helping business owners scale was something I naturally did. You know, I really didn’t know how not to do it. And in that moment driving home, I thought, Well, if she’s gonna believe in me this much, I have to match her, you know, I have to at least match the person is going to show up for me in a way that I had not yet showed up for myself. So when, you know, reaching home, call back, talk to my wife, of course, she gave me her blessing call back and said, you know, what, why don’t we do the bbe summit together. And, you know, we’ll split we’ll split the cost, we’ll split the profits. And, you know, it was that moment where I took ownership of it, that helped me understand this, this thing is growing. This thing is coming bigger than what it started as even to go as far as to say, after we got to a place we were at maybe 75% sold out. And the tickets cost $3,200 per person. So it was definitely, you know, a 2018 2019 event that was somewhat nerve wracking because I’m thinking well, what, am I valuable enough for people to pay this amount?

Brent Simpson 3:32
Can I create an event that’s memorable and also, um, you know, going to provide enough content to justify the cost. You know, definitely that moment of nervous, you know, suffering from imposter syndrome a little bit thinking, there’s so many other conferences they can go to for $200 $300 $400. Why would they come to this conference this summer, at $3,200 a person at the end not and I don’t mean at the end of the conference, but at the end of this period, we were selling tickets, when we got to the last room and realize this thing sold out. That was definitely a time where I understood that people value what I had to talk about. They valued bold vision.

Brent Simpson 4:23
You know, Dr. Miller was amazing during the whole time, and, you know, continuing to push the agenda, you know, get the summit moving forward. In the 2019. BV Summit is I mean, it’s one of those summits, everybody who attended did I mean, they did business together. I think within the first maybe 910 months of the summit. You’re talking about business owners who were doing over $7 million in deals together. This that was amazing. It’s absolutely amazing. And you know, even going into 2020 They were, I mean the latter point in 2020. They’re still working together people We met at that summit are doing podcast together. They’re helping do each other with webinars, government deals, I’m bringing products in from international trade is, is so much business happening in their state planning. Public speaking speaker training is the list is very long. But the beauty of it is they’re working together. And now there’s a waiting list for the BB summit in this. It’s, it’s one of those surreal moments, especially during the middle of 2020 20. With COVID, in, you know, so many people thinking, when we know everybody’s bunkered in, we’re not going anywhere. And to get phone calls of individual say, You know what, it was worth it out, you know, essentially, I’ll risk it, like, you know, are you all gonna do the summit, you know, we want to come. And that was absolutely fantastic, even sponsors calling saying that they want to sponsor the next year. Again, just all blessings in, you know, you can’t go through something like that and not become changed. And I was definitely changed.

Brent Simpson 6:08
Soon, maybe two months afterwards, I received a call from one of the participants at the BP Summit. And he was saying he had a consultation with a pretty big client. And he wanted my assistance with these, this consultation. And that’s that, okay, you know, I help all the time I do negotiations training, I do sales training. So I’m thinking maybe he wants me to come in to do some negotiation. And it turns out the team that he was giving consultation to, was one of Gary Vaynerchuk. Team. So I’m thinking, Oh, my gosh, we’re about to go consult with Gary, these teams, you know, where are we meeting them? Where will this be, and it was taking place in Vayner. X. And that’s the location in Manhattan. And for me, you know, again, having started confused in the business, and thinking, you know, what is it that I do, from going from there to having a summit again, at $3,200 a person sell out, and for people wanting to book next year, the last day of our summit was absolutely amazing. And then to get a phone call saying that, you know, someone wanted me to come in and actually consult, you know, services consultant, while helping Gary V’s teams, worked through some problems. I mean, that that was the that was it. And you know, at that point, it wasn’t even affected.

Brent Simpson 7:33
I all of a sudden believed in myself, it was the fact that I knew the world, beyond just my inner circle believed in me. And that forced me to take a new look at myself and to understand what I had to offer as a business consultant. And I fully dove in to both vision and so many opportunities have found themselves, just from both vision operating. There’s so many times I walked into my office and I thought like, wow, this is my office, I own you know, my own office and I’m growing, you know, is it there are employees who want to work with me or who work for the company. We’re growing now we’re looking for new employees. And it’s, it’s a true business, it’s still scary. For every entrepreneur listening to this, it is still a very scary thought to think you’re going to be responsible for somebody’s livelihood. It’s still a very scary thought to think, Okay, now is ever truly defined everything that I’m going to be doing inside of bold, bold vision, am I done, and it’s too easy to start thinking of all the other things you can do because most of us are skill skill for people you know, any entrepreneur listening to this, you probably have a million passions that are inside of you, that you want to come out and sometimes you shouldn’t let them I know that’s gonna sound funny you listening thinking what?

Brent Simpson 8:58
There’s a time and a place for it, I’ll put it that way. And you have to focus on really developing not only your business infrastructure, but your mental integrity to like deal with the highs and lows of being an entrepreneur and they come they will come you will be tested, your morality will be tested, your tenacity will be tested, your your patients will be tested in so many other things, and learning to balance them all. It takes time, it takes time to hone those skills. It takes time to get used to how the world views you versus the reality of being entrepreneur because sometimes it’s not very sexy, and it’s not you know, as if money just falls from the sky. So we have to work very hard and people don’t get it and think you know, entrepreneurship means you get to set your scheduling vacation when you want. It means so much it also means that if you don’t do what you need to do, your family might not eat or you might not eat. If your friends and Family or associates are going on vacation, maybe you can’t go with that period of time because you know, you’re working on something that is the the, the pure definition of deferred gratification. That is entrepreneurship. It’s a big long series of divert deferred gratification. So, you know, with these things being said, I just, you know, what you want to know, that moment in 2019, because roughly November, I’m consulting for Gary V’s team was kind of nail in the coffin. But the, the BVE summit that occurred in Sep, October 2019, was my turning point, where I knew this thing is bow vision is very real.

Brent Simpson 10:41
The direction of this company is forward, and the ability for me to change, and to control this ship, Israel, I can do it. That’s now you know, being firmly in 2020. I mean, we’re talking about the end of 2020. Now, we’re going into 2021. I’m excited, you know, building out the team, I’m excited, bringing on new associates, I’m excited, bringing on new clients, you know, we’ve helped clients get 100% rate of return on some of their services and products. In the last two months, we’ve shown clients how to lower the time it takes to actually close client deals by at least 35%. I mean, this, if you have 35%, more time given to you, by result of being able to close clients faster, you’re going to actually make more money closing more clients. And now you have the ability to invest in your your business way that you might have had before, but you have more. And that these effects are things that you know, bow vision has been able to do for their clients. And I just see it becoming more rich. And it’s just cut out Y’all stay tuned. This was kind of the last one for the origin story for bow vision. And now you know, mostly what you’ll be listening to every now and then I’ll probably do another rant, because I have fun talking to you all about various entrepreneurial stories. But we’re going to start the interviewing process and interviewing. So I mean, solopreneurs, we’re going to be interviewing micro businesses, small businesses, probably up to the mid caps. And just to kind of see what their stories are, and keep checking back, because you’re going to realize one thing, it’s not as clean as what we often believe it is. It’s not as glamorous as what we sometimes believe it is.

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But it does have that moment where all that comes after you pay your dues. After you figure it out. After you stabilize your revenue, you can then live that entrepreneur world where you make your own rules. For the most part, you get to live and run the business that you always wanted. So with that being said, I wanted to leave off with thanking my mother. But at Simpson, you did a great job in helping mold me to a person that can persevere. And for that, I love you. Thank you, everybody watching listening to this. You know, stick look, stick around. This is episode number four. So we’re still, we’re still working out things, we’re going to get better, but we’re going to provide great content. And that’s the most important thing. So for everybody who is sticking around and is going to stick around. Please also take a moment to sign up for our newsletter is providing great tips on entrepreneurship, some entrepreneurship, some business hacks that you might enjoy may make you some money. And when opportunities present themselves, maybe for you. You might read in a newsletter, you may see it on our website. So either way we thank for being part of the community. Thank you for listening. And please continue to listen. And if you have a guest that you want to suggest to us or if you are a person who wants to be a guest, you can go to the website and submit your application to become a guest on the bow vision podcast. Everybody is been great. Thank you for listening.

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I hope you got as much out of today’s episode as I did. You will find the social media links for today’s guests and the show notes on bow vision podcast calm. There are also resources on the site to help you accelerate your success. Please be sure to share this episode with friends and subscribe to our podcasts. We’re growing fast. Our goal over the next 12 months is to reach 5000 entrepreneurs. To do that we need your help. So again, share subscribe and comment. Remember, be bold and always have a vision for your best tomorrow.

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