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He found his bold vision podcast where we only talk to entrepreneurs but the bold vision of their business’s future. While listening to today’s episode, we want you to think about yourself as it relates to our guests, and their entrepreneurial journey is always something to learn. So if you’re interested in growing your business, getting a few golden nuggets, or simply learning more about entrepreneurship, this is the podcast for you. Show Notes of today’s episode will be available on bold vision podcast.com.

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Welcome to our first episode, we are bringing this podcast platform to you. Because through bold vision enterprise, which is the parent company, we’ve been able to talk to 1000s of entrepreneurs, and hear their stories behind closed doors. And we kind of figured it was time to bring those stories to the forefront. The stories aren’t always as glamorous as you may think. And they’re so rich with lessons and you know, kind of hacks into how to be an amazing business person. So with that being said, we decided, let’s create a podcast and actually interview some of our clients, interview some of our strategic partners, interview some of the amazing podcasters and business owners out there to get their story. The purpose is to give you an understanding the listener of what happens behind those closed doors. So whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur, or you’re thinking about becoming an entrepreneur, and you just want to know well, what do other people go through? This is the podcast for you. We’ve met people at all walks, and we’ve met, you know, people just starting out. We’ve met those, you know, at 200 million a year and more.

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So the question is, will they share their stories, so it can make your entrepreneurial journey more efficient, less stressful, not riddled with potholes and pitfalls, because we all go through it. And at some point in business, we just wish we had somebody to talk to, we wish we had somewhere to learn from. And that’s what bow vision podcast is really structured to do. So let me tell you why. My name is Brett Simpson. I’m the owner of bow vision enterprise. And I’m international business consultant. I myself, you know, I own four different businesses. And I’m probably there’ll be more, but you’re listening to this. But understanding that every business has its unique problems. But then it has those unique, that unique silver lining. And a silver lining needs to be shared as much as the problems because if you can avoid the problems and get to the silver lining faster than both vision podcast has served this purpose is really to bring you these stories to help accelerate your success. We’ve been inside of the bowl vision enterprise framework, we’ve always wanted that for our clients. And we’ve always wanted success. We’ve always tried to, you know, make sure that we bought those corporate level solutions to small businesses. And we’re going to do the same thing through our podcast. So with that being said, I really am excited to kind of launch this first episode, we have some crazy wild stories to share with you all. You might be thinking, oh my gosh, is that even true? If you already hear is true. And I’m pretty sure that the episode you listened to and thought that you’re going to hear another one and think the same thing.

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Some of the people we have planned to come on as guests already know, their characters in their own right, and they’re going to do nothing but entertain you. But you know, also, we have some amazing business entrepreneurs who have done things that you might not think would be possible, and they’ve done it, we’re also going to share their stories with you, we’re gonna do something a little different, you know, we’re going to get some of those people who have crashed and burned. And if they’re willing to talk to us, we’re going to tell the story. Those stories are just as important as the ones of success, because they teach lessons. And depending on what years you listen to our podcast with the lessons will be there. It’s just a matter of you listening to it, and then applying it to whatever your entrepreneurial journey is. So you can again, get to success faster. So thank you for being with us. And we definitely look forward to keeping you as a podcast listener. And that means we hope that you subscribe to both vision podcasts because both vision podcast is for entrepreneur.

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I hope you got as much out of today’s episode as I did. You will find the social media links for today’s guests and the show notes on bow vision podcast calm. There are also resources on the site to help you accelerate your success. Please be sure to share this episode with friends and subscribe to our podcast. We’re growing fast. Our goal over the next 12 months is to reach 5000 entrepreneurs. To do that we need your help. So again, share subscribe and comment. Remember, be bold and always have a vision for your best tomorrow.


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